Meet the smiling faces of the Phillip Traylor Auction team - and find out why we all love auctions!


Phillip Traylor has been a professional auctioneer since 1992.
He lives in Fredonia, Tennessee with his wife, Denise. When he is off the auction block, he enjoys hunting, life on the farm, and spending time with his
family and friends.


Denise is a professional affiliate real estate broker, and keeps the team organized as the Auction Office Manager. She lives in Fredonia, Tennessee with her husband Phillip Traylor.
When not working, she enjoys farm life, baking, and a good hike or run.

shane mccarrell

12 years of active duty military service in both the United States Marine Corps and United States Army. Shane is a professional Auctioneer and Affiliate Real Estate Broker and specializes in estates, real estate and online auctions. Shane is a three time champion auctioneer, National Auctioneers Association State Ambassador and Director for the Tennessee Auctioneers Association.


Frank is a professional auctioneer and real estate broker.
Frank lives in Dover, Tennessee with his wife, Sarah.
When not working, Frank enjoys waterfowl hunting and spending time with his daughters, Abigail and Katy.

Our team consists of over 25 hard working individuals who put in countless hours behind the scenes!
Check back soon to meet the rest of our team members and learn about them!